Having just moved to D.C. from L.A to work on my DMA in Vocal Performance at the Catholic University of America, I am so excited to sing in this great city and start working with singers in the area!

It is my objective as a teacher to gain an understanding of each student’s aspirations, goals, and needs. I do not teach any one student the same as another. Every voice is unique.

Student’s individualized goals guide the structure of each lesson. Whether this means focusing on exercises aimed to improve a specific technique, audition preparation, melodic and rhythmic work, strategies in coping with stage fright, sight reading, music theory, etc.-- we work to enhance clarity of communication and expression. 

The power of the human voice never ceases to amaze me. It is capable of expression and beauty far beyond other instruments or words. I look forward to working with students of all backgrounds, prior experience, and age.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions.


30-minute lesson $40

45-minute lesson $60

One-hour lesson $80